5 Weird things that you could buy.

By George
In Weird
Aug 19th, 2013


Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Say goodbye to dripping ice cream as you step into the future of snacking with the motorized ice cream cone. With the push of a button, the colorful and vibrant plastic cone begins to spin so the ice cream gets consumed evenly without melting and spilling to your hands.


Brain Beanie

Make yourself look like an evil genius with a brain so potent that it cannot be contained in a puny mortal skull! This DIY brain beanie knitting pattern is perfect for those who love arts and crafts, and will definitely be a conversation starter when worn.


Unicorn Mask

Creep people out while you go about your day with this magical unicorn mask. Perfect for business meetings, first dates, or anywhere there will be lots of eyeballs, the unicorn mask will prove to the world that unicorns are real and you are among their half-breed brethren.


Bacon Tie

Do you love bacon so much that you’d wear it as clothing if given the option? Well now you can do just that without the weird looks and attacks from hungry animals with the bacon tie. This delicious looking bacon tie is hand painted and will clog your arteries with style!



Ear Shaped Earrings

Experience earception with these earrings that look like mini ears that have earrings! With a disturbing yet realistic design, these mini ear shaped earrings are hand made and make a great gift idea for people who love strange jewelry.

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