6 of the worst engagement photos

By George
In Weird
Aug 19th, 2013

wet - Copy

This couple may have fallen asleep on the beach and the water rose up and soaked their pants. Or they saw From here to Eternity and just thought that whole lying on the beach would be a good way to share their love. Unfortunately, this wet legged couple just looks uncomfortable, and it appears the bride is about to fall asleep where she’s fallen against the groom, rising tide be damned. Groom to be looks kind of miserable. Maybe there were sand flies.

castle - Copy


Oh, you’re my knight in shining armor. And you’re my princess! Maybe this couple should’ve kept this kind of love talk to themselves, as they posed in front of a very faux castle for their engagement photo. All gussied up in the knight and princess attire, this cheesy photo is sure to make parents, relatives, and friends cringe, while doing nothing to enhance the couple’s look. Their kids should have fun with this one someday. We wonder where Tinker Bell got to.

dump - Copy


This sight gag is a laugh riot. Except it isn’t. While the bride to be points to a haha “no dumping” sign, the groom to be squats down as if he were taking a dump on the ground. Just tasteless, this designed to amuse photo is more likely designed to bemuse every relative who received it. We think the couple was having such a great time thinking up ways to display this tired pun that they forgot to think what their viewers would think of them. Not much. Dump this idea.


bare-chest - Copy


All right, so elegant lady weds white trash dude? Groom to be spills red wine on shirt, photographer says never mind, just take off the shirt? Bride to be loves future hubby’s physique so much she wants to show it off to the world? We can’t be sure here about what makes a couple decide to pose with one attired in an elegant dress and blue jeans. They’re both smiling like this is perfectly normal. We think that’s a real thing. Maybe.

winged - Copy


This couple felt inspired, perhaps by A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Or Flower Fairies of the Garden. So while their “real” mortal head shots hover not quite opaque at the sides of the frame, in the center of this engagement photo, there they are, with wings attached poised to fly off into matrimonial bliss. Or something. Kind of reminds us of the early 90’s kids movie, Ferngully. Maybe it’s all the green, but we’re waiting for a talking tree named Hexus to appear and begin taking their vows.

meters - Copy

Okay, let’s get engaged before the time runs out on this parking meter. Or, let’s pretend people have to put money in the meters before they can see your boobs…well, we’re not really sure what the grim faced guy and the somewhat painfully smiling future missus had in mind when they posed with her chest hidden behind a double parking meter, but whatever it was, surely they didn’t expect to send a photo like this. Penny for your thoughts, uh, quarter for the meter?

Source? Fuck you Jason.

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