‘I taught judo to Osama bin Laden’

By George
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Aug 31st, 2013

‘I taught judo to Osama bin Laden’

Taiwanese coach Jimmy Wu poses with what Wu says is a photo of himself with Osama Bin Laden dressed in their judo, during an interview with Reuters in Taichung May 7, 2011.

Wu showed Reuters photographs of himself and a tall, thin, bearded, serious young man with a mop of black hair whom he said was Osama. Mr Wu says he was in Saudi Arabia to coach the national judo team from 1981 to 1991. Bin Laden attended judo classes two to three times a week, Mr Wu claims.

‘I was surprised and I looked for some pictures and I said “oh this guy” .

He recalled one occasion when his wife came to find him at the judo centre. She had wanted to go shopping and Mr Wu was late. He said: ‘She came into the centre and most of the students weren’t bothered, some smiled, but one really tall one came to me and said “who is that?”‘

Mr Wu replied that it was his wife.

‘The tall one said “this is the centre, no women should be in here”. ‘He did not approve. I have a particular memory of this. That was Osama.’

Osama attended lessons two to three times a week but Wu never saw him again after 1984.



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