Stone of the Pregnant Woman

By George
In Interesting
Oct 30th, 2013


Stone of the Pregnant Woman – The BaalBek Block (ancient Heliopolis), Lebanon.

A huge block, considered the largest hewn stone in the world, still sits where it was cut almost 2,000 years ago. (Some say 12,000 years ago) Called the “Stone of the Pregnant Woman”, it weighs an estimated 1,000 tons. Not even our biggest and best cranes in modern times could lift this stone block, so how on earth was it moved to its present position?

It’s common to find people claiming that since we don’t currently know how the ancient engineers accomplished this or how they planned on moving this massive block to the temple site, that therefore they must have employed mystical, supernatural, or even extraterrestrial means. This is just nonsense, however. Presumably the engineers had a plan, otherwise they would have cut a smaller block, and an inability to answer the questions right now simply means that there are things we don’t know.

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