White torture

By George
In Weird
Oct 30th, 2013


White torture is a type of psychological torture that includes extreme sensory deprivation and isolation. Carrying out this type of torture makes the detainee lose personal identity through long periods of isolation

Iranian exile speaks out on colorless ‘white torture, “We didn’t see any color, all of the cell was white, the floor was white, our clothes were white and also the light, 24 hours, was white. Our food, also, was white rice,” explains Fakhravar, now 25. “We couldn’t see any color and we couldn’t hear any voices.”

The organization added that he had to slip a white piece of paper under the door if he wanted to use the toilet. Even the guards wore padded shoes to muffle any sound.

“I was there for eight months and after those months I couldn’t remember my father and my mother’s face,” says Fakhravar.

“When they released me from that prison I was not a normal person.”


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