Worst Blizzard in History

By George
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Aug 20th, 2013


The deadliest snowstorm in recorded history occurred in Iran in 1972

The week long blizzard in Iran in 1972 killed 4,000 people. Over the week 10 feet of snow accumulated all across the northwestern, central, and southern parts of Iran. Southern Iran accumulated up to 26 feet of snow in some places.

There were no survivors in the villages of Kakkan and Kumar. Sheklab’s 100 villages were buried. It remains the deadliest blizzard in history. People are probably shocked to hear that it snows in the Middle East, but surprise; it does. Most Middle Eastern countries lie within the same temperate zone that the U.S. does. So, it only makes sense that it could and would snow there, too.

According to Associated Press reports, some rescue workers who’d been dropped on a snow drift burying a village called Sheklab dug for two days straight, burrowing through 8 feet of snow, only to find 18 frozen bodies and no one—not one single person in a population of 100—still alive.

Another blizzard started up again on February 11, forcing rescue workers to abandon their searches. Army helicopters left two tons of bread and dates scattered over the snowdrifts, in hopes that some people could tunnel their way to the surface, but many never did.

The second deadliest blizzard on record tore through Afghanistan in 2008, bringing -30 degree temperatures and killing an estimated 926 people.

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